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Local King Magic Mushrooms (set of 10)

Local King Magic Mushrooms (set of 10)

  • $39.99

This item includes 10 magic mushroom and 10 storage containers.

Acrylic base holder sold separately and you can add it to your order.

The Magic Mushrooms are the best blending tool for mixing and blending colors easily. You can rub, tap, or circle with the sponge head to achieve the desired effect.

  • The custom-made Magic Mushrooms have a flatter top and harder foam that allows for smoother blending. The product comes with 10 different color sponge heads and individual containers to store your Magic Mushrooms.
  • You can use any dye-based inks with LK's Magic Mushrooms.
  • The Magic Mushrooms work best when they are moist. Dip the sponge part in water and squeeze out any excess water. Then, pat dry the sponge. The size of the Magic Mushrooms will double, indicating they are ready to use.
  • If the sponge is too wet, it won't pick up the ink, and if it is too dry, it won't blend the colors properly.
  • Clean the Magic Mushrooms with water. Dip the sponge part in water and squeeze out the water. Repeat until the water is clean, then dry with a cloth. In 1-2 days, the Magic Mushrooms will return to their original shape. You don't have to wash the Magic Mushrooms after each use, but please take care of them as you would with expensive paintbrushes. Avoid leaving any pigment ink on the mushrooms as the sponge can become harder and damage the Magic Mushrooms.
  • Local King Rubber Stamp has created over 100 YouTube videos to demonstrate how to use our Magic Mushrooms effectively. Please visit the YouTube channel and search for "Local King Rubber Stamp Magic Mushrooms" to find them.