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Tim Holtz Media Tool Set

Tim Holtz Media Tool Set

  • $19.99


  • One 14” Media Edge
  • One Media Scraper

Here’s the perfect complement to Tim Holtz’s Glass Media Mat! This essential tool set by Tonic Studios includes one Media Edge and one Media Scraper that will make your crafting so much easier and productive. The clear polycarbonate Media Edge guide measures 14” in length and has no markings on it, so it’s not a ruler but instead is used for a guide for many uses while you’re creating. The Media Scraper is made of a durable polymer which makes it a tool that will give you a lifetime of uses; it also features a Kushgrip ergonomic handle for comfort.

Media Scraper – The Tim Holtz and Tonic Media Scraper is made of durable polymer glass, is durable so it won’t break down over time and doesn’t wear away. Use the scraper on the non-stick craft mat to remove glue, dry paint and so much more. You will be amazed by how easy your mixed media comes right off the craft mat and that you won’t have to run to the sink to clean your work area each time that you run out of room, you can just keep creating. We’re certain that you will use this convenient tool repeatedly!

Media Edge – This edge is not used for measuring, but instead features a lip on the end to allow the edge to hang off the side of the Glass Media Mat. It gives you a straight line for drawing, stamping and aligning your photos. One side of the Media Edge features a tapered edge that makes it simple to create straight lines using your pens and markers. The other side has a metal rod embedded into the edge that’s used for cutting; you can use your craft knife to achieve a straight line against the metal edge. It’s the perfect straight edge for all your projects!